A Neighborhood in Demand

Oakland is Pittsburgh’s most ethnically diverse and lively neighborhood. Prestigious universities and museums, world class hospitals, grand architecture, quaint coffee shops, international cuisine and specialty shops create the hustle and bustle found in Oakland. Perfect for a picnic in the park, an evening of gripping drama or even a viewing of that Picasso masterpiece, Oakland has it all!  Known for its diverse population of students, professionals and business people, Oakland is filled with energy, excitement and passion, This business district is Pennsylvania’s third largest economic center, following downtown Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

With a unique sense for collaboration, the Oakland Business District benefits directly from the major universities, cultural destinations and employers in the district.  A great example of this is the creative new project, Innovation Oakland; creating first digital community in the United States.

Recently highlighted as one of the top ten retail markets for restaurants in the Nation’s Restaurant News, Oakland has an array of assets that uniquely position it to support your business venture.   Pittsburgh has even been highlighted by the Wall Street Journal for growing ‘more and more attractive‘ for both businesses and individuals.  Ranked by FDiIntellgence as the top leading location of the future for international investment, economic development and business expansion, Oakland is positioned to grow with our city’s economy.  The many lists of Pittsburgh’s great attributes and rankings nationally and internationally can be found here, including rankings as most liveable city, most literate city, top ten affordable city, and on and on!


Distinguished by its main commerce corridor that runs along Fifth and Forbes Avenues, Oakland hosts a diverse selection of boutiques, restaurants and national chain stores.  With such a great mix of retail opportunities, Oakland attracts consumers looking to fill an urgent need, or to relax with retail therapy.  Boutiques offering everything from fine jewelry to designer handbags to local T-shirts compliment the clothing and footwear retailers in the area.


Home to the most diverse selection of restaurants in all of Pittsburgh, you can sample cuisine from around the world without ever leaving the Central Oakland Business District.  Catering to the tastes of both professionals and students, Oakland’s restaurant feature full service dining options, quick take-out options and everything in between.  With a healthy mix of both independent restaurants and international chains, the diverse selection attracts thousands of hungry patrons every day.

Office Space:

Brimming with great, unique spaces for office use, Oakland has a variety of spaces to suit any business.  With great access to Pittsburgh’s mass transit, Oakland’s many Universities house thousands of talented students eager to connect with businesses through internships and employment.